10 Beautiful Water Pictures from Luke Peterson

Luke Peterson is a 30 year old Web Developer with an irresistible urge to capture the world on camera. In November 2010 he picked up his first camera, a Canon 7D, and has spent every waking moment getting to grips with how it works. He has actually disassembled the body a few times just to get a better understanding of the camera. Luke’s goal every time he presses the shutter is to portray the world in ways which you would not normally see. On any given weekend you’ll find him on the rocky shores of Sydney or Wollongong, standing in the sea working on a landscape composition.

To see more of Luke’s work, check out his Flickr Photostream.



Boxing Day Sunrise - South Beach, Wollongong

Boxing Day Sunrise – South Beach, Wollongong

Cronulla Sunrise

Cronulla Sunrise

"Singularity" - Bonna Point Reserve

“Singularity” – Bonna Point Reserve


"Heading Out" - La Perouse Sunset

“Heading Out” – La Perouse Sunset

"Unstoppable" - Maroubra at Dusk (Explored #20)

“Unstoppable” – Maroubra at Dusk (Explored #20)

"Edge" - Warriewood Beach

“Edge” – Warriewood Beach

Teotihuacan, Mexico

Teotihuacan, Mexico

"Breaking Through" - Cronulla at Dusk

“Breaking Through” – Cronulla at Dusk

"Breakfast" - Cronulla Sunrise

“Breakfast” – Cronulla Sunrise


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